It’s not easy to stand out from the crowd

You see the perfect job advertised. It’s exactly what you want at a great company. You have the skills and experience so you send your CV... and then… radio silence. You are in the pending tray with everyone else, sitting in an Applicant Tracking System or email box until someone has the time to go through the large numbers of CVs sent for the position.

This is the reality in today’s recruitment world because corporate recruiters are just too busy to attend to the volume of CVs sent to them. Bottlenecks are created, recruitment processes are slowed and the best candidates are often missed. According to corporate recruiters spend 6 seconds on average reviewing CVs. What happens to your CV? Even when the recruiter gets the time to attend to their CV backlog is your CV really going to get the attention it deserves? So, you get passed over or find something else in the meantime whilst you’re awaiting a response. Commonly there is no response at all.

I have worked in recruitment for 28 years and this situation hasn’t improved over this time, although recruiting technology has and is unrecognisable from the comparatively primitive systems of yester-year. A slow recruitment process is no recruitment process in my opinion and these types of issues detract from the employer brand. The nirvana that most companies seek is a fast, efficient recruitment process. Unfortunately, this is hindered by the vast number of unsuitable candidates that apply to online adverts.

You don’t have to go far to establish that this situation repeats itself constantly. Just ask anyone who has applied for jobs on-line about their experience and you’ll quickly establish a common theme of slow processes and poor (and no) responses.

What does a fast, efficient process say about an employer brand?

We’ve created snpply to make it easy for candidates to respond with relevant information that can be quickly reviewed by hiring companies so that every candidate is given attention, responded to professionally and the most suitable ones quickly identified and engaged. When using snpply candidate information is reviewed by a person, not an algorithm, and processes run much faster.

[14.09.2017 - The above article was written and published by Allan Smith, Director of snpply, and is based on his 28 years of recruitment experience. If you would like more information on snpply and how we can help you get to the right people, fast, then email us and we'll get back to you.]